European Veteran Challenge

MC de Wielewaal will be organizing the European Veteran Championship on 22-23 and 24 July 2016.

This event is for all European riders with a minimum age of 35.

There are several classes:

– ages 35 till 40

– ages 40 till 45

– ages 45 till 50

– ages 50 till 55

– ages 55 till 60

– ages above 60

– ladies ages 35 and above

Each class is divided into three levels:

  1. Novice (hobby – newcomers)
  2. Intermediate (average riders – national)
  3. Expert (advanced – specialists)

There will be a special class 35+ EX-PRO for ex-professional riders. They will be competing for €1200,- in total prize money.

Only to the age of the rider will be payed attention when signing up, so not to engine-size or age of the machine. All machines from 125cc and higher are welcome.

There will be ridden under the auspices of the MON (Motorsport Organization Netherlands) and training passes or starting tickets of the MON are permitted. Insurance cards for this event are available at the MON on the circuit, with periods of validity of 1 day or the complete weekend.


On Friday 22 July all veterans can train.

On Saturday 23 July training will start at 08.00 AM and matches will start at 10.00 AM.

On Sunday 24 July training will start at 08.00 AM and matches will start at 10.00 AM.

The 1700-metre-long circuit will be lengthened by an extra 700 metres.

Of the necessary ambiance will be taken care, including live music in a big tent on the terrain.

Spending the night will also be possible on the terrain.

So to all motocross riders aged 35 or above: join this international, highly enjoyable motocross-weekend!

Signing up is possible via the website of MC de Wielewaal:

We can allow only 450 riders, so tickets will be available on the ‘first come, first served’ principle.

Registration fee and costs:

Overnight stay (possible from Friday 22 July):                                                        € 10,00 / night

Training on Friday from 15:00 PM:                                                                            € 15,00 / driver

Participation in the matches (23 and 24 July):                                                        € 25,00 per rider / day

Insurance                                                                                                                         € 35,00 per rider / day

Transponder rental                                                                                                       € 250,00 deposit / € 10,00 rental

Super Pro Class:

The Super Pro Class in an extra class in which to a maximum of 50 riders can participate. All riders from all classes and age categories can sign up. In the Super Pro Class, there is a fine prize for the first 3 finished riders per heat.

Cost of participation in the Super Pro Class:                                                             € 50,00 per rider / day

Prize money Super Pro Class:

1st:             € 300,00 per heat

2nd:            € 200,00 per heat

3rd:            € 100,00 per heat

Click here to sign up